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Scales and Tails of Ohio

Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman (2'-3')

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This species at this size is NOT for beginners or the inexperienced. Please understand the skills and knowledge needed to properly handle and care for an adult Caiman. Also, please understand the enclosure requirements for an animal of this size that will allow it to comfortably thrive in captivity. 

This species is illegal in some states (e.g. Florida, New York, California, and Others). Know your laws, as we will not knowingly ship to any state where this species is illegal (We will verify).

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Paleosuchus palpebrosus

CAPTIVE STATUS: Field Collected Import

FEEDING ON: Fish/Rodents

This is a stock photo, but it is a great example of what the available animal(s) look like. Pictures of exact animal(s) available may be available upon request.